Contest: Follow me on Twitter, win a quickie


As I’ve announced on Twitter over the past few days, I’m currently at 640 followers. This seems a bit low, given the fact that I write about SEX, something everyone is clearly interested in, given the large number of erotic fiction published on Amazon.

I am looking to up my number of followers, so this week my 700th follower will win a FREE copy of one of my erotic fictional pieces, i.e. “quickies,” published at Amazon and Smashwords.

Want to become my 700th follower? Find me on Twitter @originaloflaura, and click “follow.” Easy as having sex with a pie!

Looking forward to announcing a winner this week, so get your follow on, and tell all your friends to play along at home.

P.S. The fine print: Winner will be chosen based on my 700th Twitter follower, as of Feb. 5 or thereabouts. If you already follow me on Twitter and would still like to be entered in this contest, please sign up for my newsletter instead; you will receive a free copy of Naked Montreal – Part 1 for your troubles, and I will choose 3 entrants from this group on Feb. 5 to also receive a free quickie. Those who don’t use Twitter, or who are already subscribed to the newsletter, may also add me as a friend or fan me on GoodReads, or like my Facebook profile for Naked Montreal instead. Thanks for following me, wherever you choose to do so, and good luck!