No more false gods

I hereby swear off reading online newsletters from people offering writing “advice.”

“What?!” I can hear you screaming. “Do you think you’re better than the rest of us? How dare you!”

It’s not that newsletters or blogs on the subject of writing have nothing to offer me. There are certain blogs and newsletters that I find helpful and entertaining, and some I even read religiously.

But that’s just it: they’re false gods. Or maybe just false prophets. Either way, I can do without ’em.

I’ve been through a creative writing degree, I’ve read tons of material about how to write better, I’ve written numerous pieces of fiction and nonfiction, and I’ve even taught people how to write better. I edit a literary magazine, and offer a paid option to receive a short critique on your submission for just 3 freakin’ bucks.


So yes, I am swearing off reading anyone’s advice on the subject of how to write better and how to market your writing to the right audience and how to do what millions of published writers have done before you, which is sitting your butt in the chair and just WRITING the damn thing, already.

Nothing personal. I just don’t need any more advice, at the moment. I’m full up, and need to work on the actual, physical, writing end of this whole “writing” gig.

See you on the flip side, with my finished manuscript in tow