New short fiction for 99 cents

Since the Amazon Kindle reader is the most popular ebook reader, according to Lifehacker and a variety of polls, I’ve published a few short fiction pieces at Amazon for only 99¢ each, in the hopes of attracting new readers to my forthcoming novel, Naked Montreal. If you’re interested in reading some of my new digital works, for a crazy-low price, check out some of my latest erotica titles:

While these are all erotica selections, some also contain self-help or how-to material (i.e. the last two). Each of these selections also contain some of the “deleted scenes” material from my forthcoming novel, Naked Montreal, so if you’ve been hankering for an additional hit of that—beyond my free sample chapter—then hit these up for some never-before-seen footage.

For those that don’t read ebooks with a Kindle, you can download ebooks for the e-reader of your choice from Smashwords instead, including a plain PDF copy for reading directly on your computer.