Black Heart’s NOIR anthology now online

Great news for lovers of crime fiction: Black Heart’s NOIR anthology is now online for your downloading pleasure!

The first of our new digital issues, The NOIR Anthology features the works of old-schoolers and newcomers to the noir/crime-fiction genre. Packed with 64 pages of short, dark fiction and even shorter (and darker?!) poetry, plus some truly terrific artwork (such as our kick-ass cover, shown below), there’s a little something for everyone with a hole in their soul—or a few bullets where there oughtn’t be.

Guest edited by crime fiction enthusiast, web writer extraordinaire, and occasional Black Heart contributor Jimmy Calloway, this anthology is a gritty paradise filled with girls and gangsters, bathed in whiskey and ringed with puffs of smoke issuing from lipstick-smeared cigarettes. Bodies, both living and dead, will point their guns your way just to keep you riveted to your seat.

And, at only $2.99 a pop, this is one anthology that won’t cause you turn to a life of crime just to get your fix.