Haiku for Haters now available in Kindle format

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

HAIKU FOR HATERS has gone digital.

That’s right, my 24 painless pages are now available at Amazon.com in Kindle format! And at a mere $2.99 a pop, it won’t break your bank account.

Unfortunately the sample pages don’t actually sample any of the poems (this is not my fault, BTW, as Amazon picks the length of the sample they include, and they just took the title pages), so I will share one with you here in a show of good faith:

can’t sleep: snow falls, an
endless tapping, my novel
still won’t write itself

Dig this? Want more? Hit up Amazon.com and go nuts. You can even share a copy with a friend! Pretty sweet, right?

If you do purchase a copy, I also encourage you to write a review. Hopefully a nice one, but if you really hate it, then I guess you should say so.

Here’s hoping you don’t really hate my poetry.