Wanna buy a vowel? Check out my Etsy store

If you’re in the market for some hot vowels — or even a few choice consonants — you’ll want to check out my latest offerings via Etsy.

The first of these are my “Haiku for Haters” mini-books, which I’m selling for a mere $1 (plus taxes and shipping). Containing 24 pages of original haiku for the haters of the world, these cheeky poems take on the staid world of ancient 5-7-5 Japan. Well worth the cover price… and much much more!

But the piece de la resistance? My new work, “YOUR TITLE HERE,” an as-yet unwritten mini-book made JUST FOR YOU. Yeah, YOU! The gist of the thing is that you tell me what you want to read, including as much (or as little) info relating to plot, characters, setting and quirks, and then I take you on a no-holds-barred literary journey, using these bits and pieces as reference points.

You’re probably saying “Holy cow! That sounds too good to be true, cus this must cost at least $1,000!”

No way, man. This is WAY more affordable. Just 150 bones gets you a brand-spankin’ new story, fresh from the fields, kicking and screaming and mixing its metaphors all the way to your mailbox. 100% original, 100% unique, 100% written just for you.

Seriously, is that a deal or what?

So check out my Etsy shop and tell me what you think. I hope to add a few new mini-books to my roster in the coming weeks, but for now take a look at “Haiku for Haters” and “YOUR TITLE HERE” and tell me what you think.

Looking forward to hearing from you!