Book reviews in 140 characters

Inspired by Twitter’s brevity, I’ve decided to post some 140-character reviews of the books I’ve been reading lately. I feel like a bad writer when I don’t review books I’ve read, especially since I tend to move onto the next book fairly quickly (reading on the bus will do that to you). So, here’s mud in your eye:

THE SUMMER WITHOUT MEN by Siri Hustvedt: Spurned wife leads budding poetesses through writing exorcises of demons, to illuminating personal results. Old age & youth comment equally. (5 stars; read my longer capsule review at GoodReads)

SUNSET PARK by Paul Auster: Siri’s husband writes another enchanting tale of the city w/squatters battling The Man and personal demons. More men, less summer; I <3 NYC. (4 stars)

HOLLYWOOD by Charles Bukowski: Novelization of film based on Buk’s book: “Don’t let anybody tell you different. Life begins at 65.” + “Nobody deserved anything”=Hollyweird (4 stars)

DRINKING COFFEE ELSEWHERE by ZZ Packer: Religious run-ins, wayward youth, people saved for all the wrong reasons, dark humor & unconventional heroines w/snappy comebacks=excellent (5 stars, + bonus points for inspiring a conversation on the bus)

THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez: Sucias are doing it for themselves. Hispanic Sex and the City w/better characters, racial tension, more laughs. Chick lit grows up w/grace. (5 stars)

What have you been reading lately? Got any recommendations for my summer reading list?

P.S. Speaking of summer reading, if you live in Austin, be sure to check out the Austin Public Library’s summer reading program for both adults and children, as frequent reading can translate into a chance to win awesome prizes like gift certificates and e-readers!