Hot dames and tricky dicks: Black Heart’s NOIR issue underway

Jimmy Callaway and I have been at it all day: sifting through the voluminous stack of black, white, red and blue submissions to our upcoming NOIR issue of Black Heart.

"I <3 Noir" image from t-shirts by Wendy Barsotti ($9.95 at Neatoshop)

That’s right, punks. We’ve been subjecting ourselves to an intense diet of private dicks, hot dames, hired goons and a suspicious amount of clergymen on your behalf. Some of it great, some of it not so much. You’ll know who you are in a few days. Rejections have been flowing like the spice on a certain not-so-distant planet, but a copious number of acceptances are also forthcoming. We’ve set a not-so-hard deadline of May 15 to get back to you sweethearts, so watch your inboxes until you get hardboiled.

In case you missed the deadline, never fear! Black Heart is still open for regular submissions, ’round the clock for your convenience, and you can bash our Submishmash inbox with all manner of short fiction (up to 1,500 words) or poetry at this address.

I’m still debating our next issue’s theme and accompanying guest editor, but I’m thinking something slightly less angular, mayhaps a bit more feminine is in the works. Stay tuned to see what kind of puffy stuff I come up with, or float a few tweets on the song you’re singing over toward my cloud @originaloflaura.