Naked Montreal: The cocktail

I’ve invented a cocktail! (Sort of.) It’s called the Naked Montreal, and you should sip it while you’re reading my book. Which you can’t do yet, because I’m still writing it. So for now, the only person drinking this drink is me, while I’m writing the book after which it is named.

Whoa, meta.

In other news, I am working on my book now, but I am not drinking a Naked Montreal yet. It is, after all, only 3 PM. As I’m sure you’re all aware, the official Cocktail Hour does not begin until 5 PM, unless you are a raging alcoholic, in which case anytime past noon is fair game.

To be clear: I am NOT a raging alcoholic. Although if my book continues to fail to complete itself, I may eventually become one whilst drinking these cocktails. (Just kidding, mom!)

Enjoy a Naked Montreal and think of me while you’re drinking it, is what all this boils down to. And wish me luck, because I probably need it.

P.S. I now have 14,780 words written towards my novel’s completion. Of course, the day ain’t over yet…