Surreal Valentine: Austin, TX

Let me just say, up front, that I have had words with Valentine’s Day in the past, and that it is well aware of my feelings on the subject, for all of the obvious—and not-so-obvious—reasons. However, seeing as the day is upon us and all must comment, whether in the Pro or Anti camps, I offer you a simple drawing that I think should sum things up nicely. I call it “Surreal Valentine: Austin, TX”:

"Surreal Valentine: Austin, TX" by Laura Roberts

This drawing was inspired by a sign on the side of the road that cracked me up, plus a little imagination and speculation as to what “Chotes” might actually mean. Yes, yes, it’s probably just someone’s last name, but as you can see, my mind is rather dirty. And also, I’ve been wondering lately wtf people actually do with their used sex toys, since you’re not really supposed to recycle hazardous materials (which includes anything that has, or has had, bodily fluids on it).

In any case, to paraphrase a Jon Stewart saying, I hope you enjoy this moment of Zen. You’re welcome. Oh, and Happy V-Day.