Hot for teacher

Image by Stephanie Vriend (photo via The Link)
Image by Stephanie Vriend (photo via The Link)

Check out my interview in The Link this week, entitled Sexy Schoolteacher Seduces Scribes, discussing my erotica writing workshop happening at Joy Toyz TOMORROW NIGHT! It’s your last chance to sign up, peeps, so hop to it.

To fuel your “hot for teacher” fantasies, here’s another erotic haiku for you:

Rock-hard morning wood
“Say hello to my little friend”
Tongue slides against shaft

Please note that while I will be teaching my students how to write erotica, I cannot provide any real-world experience, if you know what I mean. You should come prepared with some erotic images of your own! May I suggest perusing some of Andrea Hausmann’s erotic pin-up images for inspiration? She’s the lovely and talented lady who shot my bio photo, and she can do boudoir like nobody’s business. I highly recommend her, especially if you can partake in one of her fun pin-up packages.