Sexy writing workshop and haiku

In addition to reading being sexy, as detailed in yesterday’s post, writing is also super sexy. Which is why I’m taking it to the sexiest level possible and teaching a workshop about writing sexy stories! My “Saucy Smut” class is happening this Friday, October 9 at 6:30PM at Joy Toyz (4200 St-Laurent, suite 415), and will feature tips and tricks for anyone interested in learning how to get started writing erotica. This is for people who are purely in it for pleasure, as well as those looking to turn it into a career. The class itself is one night only, and costs $35 to attend ($30 if you’re a student).

In case you’re wondering what qualifies me to teach this class, please feel free to read some of my erotica at Black Heart Magazine, or online at Oysters & Chocolate, where I’m currently creating dirty astrology pieces for every sign of the zodiac. This month’s installment is Libra.

If you’ve ever wanted to write erotica, but wondered how to begin, c’mon out to Joy Toyz and find out! I promise to be gentle. You’ll also get extra credit if you’re read Inga Muscio’s fabulous book, Cunt, as I mentioned in this week’s Vixen. This extra credit may or may not come in candy form, as Halloween is fast approaching, and everybody loves sweet things.

And now, on to today’s sexy haiku, and the image that inspired it:

Photo by Ask The Geek
Photo by Ask The Geek

woman as object:
full lips, luscious bosom,
embracing herself

Oh, and in case you were wondering? That’s not me in the photo, although Ask The Geek has taken photos of me before. Maybe I’ll use them as inspiration in a future post when I’m feeling particularly vain!

P.S. A friend pointed out that my haiku today doesn’t follow the typical 5-7-5 format. This is true, but according to the definitions offered by the Haiku Society of America, I don’t think any of my haiku thus far actually qualify because they’re not about nature or natural imagery. Since I have never written about nature, nor do I intend to embrace this stuffily traditional definition of haiku, you could argue that I either write experimental or non-traditional haiku, or perhaps that I write senryu, which are “poem[s], structurally similar to haiku, that highlight the foibles of human nature, usually in a humorous or satiric way.” This is actually much more my type of poem, but I doubt any non-poets would know wtf I was talking about if I said I write senryu, so I’ll stick with the more common term haiku when explaining my daily obsession.

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