Haiku a Day #3 — Reading is sexy

Another friend of mine, who goes by Ask the Geek, volunteered her photos for some haiku inspiration. This one naturally caught my eye:

From the "sexy readers" set on Facebook
From the "sexy readers" set on Facebook

I mean, hello? Sexy readers, could there be anything hotter?

Well, okay. There’s also this:

readingishotATGThe point is, my haiku today is inspired by the concept of sexy readers and reading being sexy. After all, it makes new wrinkles in your brain, and we all know wrinkles are hot, despite what the idiots at Oil of Olay will tell you about their fakey mc-fakerson “miracle creams.” (Seriously, how is peddling that snake oil not illegal?)

Reading is sexy
Pages turn as fire crackles
Word kisses, big brains

On a slightly, tangentially related note, why doesn’t anybody “drop science” anymore? I think this is an underused expression that should be brought back into vogue. Specifically, I would like to see David Suzuki say that he’s going to drop science, and then, literally, drop some science. BAM!