Haiku a Day #2 — Candy Surprises

Candy Surprises (photo by Gillian Sze)
Candy Surprises (photo by Gillian Sze)

Gillian Sze offered this photo as an inspiration for one of my daily haiku, so I’ve written one today about candy:

Candy surprises
Sticky sweet chocolate hopes
Alas, licorice

Story of my life, people. This is why I prefer to buy my chocolate straight-up, rather than risking it all on the surprise candies. Actually, they’re usually those damn wax lips, which aren’t candy at all, by my definition. Candy is supposed to be edible, right? Wax is not edible, no matter what your friendly neighbourhood candlestick-maker may be peddling.

In related news, if you’re looking for a recommendation for some tasty chocolates, check out my Shoestring Montreal blog on Flagrants Desirs chocolate. I bought some of the orange today. It’s not as great as a chocolate orange, but then again, what can really live up to that whackin’ magic?