End of novel, feeling fragmented

"Shards" (photo by Flickr user nualabugeye - back again soon)
"Shards" (photo by Flickr user nualabugeye - back again soon)

So… I finished my 3-day novel (and wrote about the experience for the Fuel Your Writing website here). It’s more of a long short-story than a true novel. But that’s about all I want to say about that, for now. I feel kind of drained, kind of disappointed, kind of silly. But ultimately, I think it was good to do it. It gave me an excuse to turn off my phone and not talk to anyone (except my husband, obvs) this weekend. And there’s nothing better than a good reason to be a hermit.

Of course now it’s back to work, and I’ve got some deadlines for assorted projects, so I’d better get to it. The day looks so grey already that I’m contemplating a walk down by the canal instead. Or an epic cleaning of the apartment, seeing as we need to move in a little over a month. What to do, what to do?

It’s back to school for most of the kids, which always makes me feel a bit weird, not being in school anymore. Maybe I should hit up the Staples for some last-minute deals on school supplies. That always cheers me up, somehow: shopping for stationery. But you probably already figured that out, based on my WP theme, right?

P.S. I’m moving, so I’m selling a ton of books. Please check out the list in the sidebar to the right!