WordCamp Montréal faux pas

I’ve been waiting patiently for the WordCamp Montreal schedule to go up, and at last it’s finally got times and locations listed.

And there’s a big faux pas: The conference’s two major female presenters are both scheduled to speak at 10 AM on Saturday!

Kim Vallée (of At Home with Kim Vallée) and Erin Blaskie (of ErinBlaskie.com) are both scheduled for the same time slot, in different rooms and speaking on vastly different topics. Erin is supposed to be talking about lifecasting, while Kim is going to be speaking about migrating your website to WordPress. While both are, in some sense, lifecasters, it seems a bit odd to pit the only two female speakers (aside from Jane Wells of Automattic, the company that runs WordPress) against each other like this. Is it some kind of a ploy to get them to fight for the audience’s attention, or just an honest mistake? Another case of the male-dominated media attempting to silence female participation, or just a big ol’ oopsidoodle?

The drama is just beginning. Stay tuned for more WordCamp madness here in Montreal, this Saturday and Sunday at the SAT. Tickets are still available online for 20 more hours; get yours now!