Preptober is the unofficial planning month before NaNoWriMo takes off in November. So, the entire month of October can be devoted to brainstorming, plotting, character sketching, figuring out settings and scenes, and otherwise scribbling notes towards what will, ultimately, become your novel.

This year, I’ve decided to dive deep into the planning process, attempting all of the stuff I normally avoid, to see whether or not it makes writing my novel any easier come November.

I’ve also decided to share my process with you, via this blog and social media.

If you’d like to prep along with me, here’s a worksheet with prompts you can use for each day of the month:

Click image to download a printable copy!

And here’s a link to download a Calendar version.

Each day I’ll post the prompt on my Instagram profiles (@LauraRobertsBooks and @originaloflaura), with links to my blog posts exploring characters, settings, scenes and plot points from my own NaNo novel.

Follow along daily, or jump in whenever the mood strikes you!

So, what do you think?

Will you prep along with me this Preptober?

Use the hashtag #Preptober on social media so we can check out each other’s work, comment and connect!

All Preptober posts, in order




    • Day 22: Main Plot
    • Day 23: Sub-Plots
    • Day 24: Character Motivation
    • Day 25: Emotions
    • Day 26: Sketch
    • Day 27: Fill
    • Day 28: Twists
    • Day 29: Climax
    • Day 30: Resolution
    • Day 31: Series Setup