Inspired by the idea that coffee gives you the energy to do more stupid things faster and Douglas Adams’ infamous quote on deadlines, SWOOSH! is my new writing group.

Briefly: SWOOSH! is an online writers group, seriously dedicated to writing, and not-so-seriously dedicated to silly hats. Come for the writing camaraderie, educational posts, and occasional meet-ups; stay for the utter ridiculousness!

Our acronym stands for Serious Writers Only, Or Stop Here!
Serious Writers Owning Only Silly Hats
A Not-So-Serious Writing Group for Serious Writers (which doesn’t at all fit the acronym, but sums things up quite nicely).

We’re physically located in San Diego, California, but are open to serious and silly writers from around the world.

Upcoming Events

    • #Preptober (October 1-31, online)
    • NaNoWriMo Support Group (November 1-30, online/in person)
    • Holiday Book Swap (December, TBA)

Join us!

Join us on Facebook to keep up with all of our online and in-person activities, participate in writing challenges, and just hang out.