If following me on Twitter, signing up for my newsletter, liking me on Facebook, checking out my books on Goodreads, flipping through pictures of my cats on Instagram, or simply leaving a comment on my blog won’t quench your burning desire to connect, there’s always the trusty contact form… which is currently broken.

Please note that Buttontapper Press DOES NOT accept submissions sent via email. Do use our submissions page instead.

I am NOT looking to hire any staff members or freelancers at this time, so please DO NOT email me about joining the team. The team is just me. And I’m not hiring.

I cannot help you find an agent.

I do not respond to spammers or scammers, nor to generally rude folks. Abusive messages will be automatically deleted by my Monkey Butler, who is both polite and well-trained. (His name is Jacques, in case you are curious.)

Until the contact form is fixed, you can email me directly at asklaura at buttontapper dot com. Abuse of this address will result in its being deleted, along with your emails, so please only contact me with legitimate questions or concerns. And, I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS – ALL EMAILS WITH ATTACHMENTS WILL BE DELETED UNREAD.