A Story A Day: Week 1

I’ve been writing A Story A Day, as promised, and my mailing list subscribers have been reading them. Some have even offered me awesome feedback!

In case you’ve been curious, here’s what has happened so far:

    • Day 1 (5/1): A mysterious postcard arrives
    • Day 2 (5/2): Bora Bora is beautiful this time of year
    • Day 3 (5/3): Foreign languages are tricky… even for International Men of Mystery
    • Day 4 (5/4): Ever tried Baked Alaska?
    • Day 5 (5/5): Tropical Tiki may look like paradise, but looks can be deceiving
    • Day 6 (5/6): A mysterious typewriter hits the keys
    • Day 7 (5/7): Coming soon!

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