#HumpDayReviews: From Prussia With Love by Tina Christopher

Last week I posted an interview with Tina Christopher, author of From Prussia With Love, a sort of “steampunk James Bond” story with plenty of heat. And today I’m going to share some of my thoughts on this erotic romance, the first in the Victoria’s Secret Agents series.

BookCover_FromPrussiaWithLoveSo, first off let me state that I’m typically not a steampunk reader, but the erotica aspect had me intrigued. I’m still not sure what the excitement over dirigibles is all about (surely all that hot air requires a blimp joke…), but hey, whatever. It’s like joining the Mile High Club in a very slow-moving vehicle, I guess, and hey, why not? As our sassy heroine, secret agent Clara Redbeck, discovers, going slow can be quite a thrill with the right partner.

Of course, Clara’s concerned that despite his proclivities and prowess in bed, first mate Garrett Dewhurst may not be the one. She’s recently been humiliated at work for personal entanglements, and she certainly doesn’t want a repeat performance endangering her mission.

Little does Clara know that her hot Master in the bedroom is equally aligned politically… and that their paths were destined to cross, with or without a cat o’ nines swinging around the big, overstuffed hot air balloon they’re riding, slowly but surely, to their shared destiny! (Wait, sorry, I got a little carried away with the double entendres there… spoiler alert?)

Christopher’s prose is both hot and hilarious, with Clara flirting outrageously first with one of the underlings on the ship and then with Garrett in order to obtain relevant information for her mission. Clara shows off her assets and shimmies her hips every which way like an alternate universe Mata Hari, even working her angles in flagrante delicto.

Garrett, for all his bluster, is a Big Bad Wolf looking for a Little Red to ride. Yet he declares he’s met his match in Clara almost from the get-go. This woman sure does curl the boys around her little finger… which makes it all the more perplexing that she supposedly blew a previous mission.

Still, their dalliances aboard the good ship Bismarck (whose name just really makes me want to eat a Boston cream donut) are full of cream and jelly squirted from a soft, pliable center into a warm, waiting mouth. (I told you it made me think of donuts!) And if you’re into all of that, then go grab yourself a copy before your coffee (or tea… this is Jolly Olde England, after all) goes cold.

Five overstuffed blimps flying high – aka five stars.


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  2. Thank you so much, Laura. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Love your double entendres;).

  3. momjane says:

    This was a great review. Sounds like an excellent book.

  4. Thank you, Jane. I’d like to think so;).

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