From Prussia With Love: An interview with Tina Christopher

Clara Redbeck has one goal: to prove to the sods at work—and to herself—that the best man for the job can be a woman. To do that, she must prevent a traitor from blowing London to bits. If only the dashing first mate of the dirigible she’d been tasked to plunder didn’t set her aflame.

Garrett Dewhurst has one goal: to execute the coup of a lifetime. His plans do not include a spanking dalliance with the most intriguing woman he has ever met.

With each encounter, the fire between them burns hotter and their need grows stronger. Finally, the cramped cabin aboard the Bismarck becomes their intimate playground, where Garrett introduces Clara to the pleasure of submission and they explore their passion in every way possible.

Clara and Garrett want a future together, but each holds a secret that if revealed could cost them everything. When danger closes in, they have to choose between protecting themselves or the whole of London.

An excerpt from From Prussia With Love

BookCover_FromPrussiaWithLoveSkids of boxes and crates were stacked back-to-back with limited space between them, just enough to walk through. A few lamps scattered through the length of the hold offered dim light that barely showed them the back wall. He picked up a steamtorch. With a click and a whir it came to life in his hand.

“Is it everything you’d expected?”

She moved past him, turning as much as the narrow space permitted. Her gaze roved about the vast hold. “It’s so big.” Her words were a breathy whisper. “It’s huge.” Her eyes sparkled with the mischief he’d come to enjoy during their exchange.

“It is indeed quite large. In fact, the more you… explore, the bigger you’ll find it.”

He bit his tongue to suppress his laughter at the look she threw him, but it became more and more difficult when her lips twitched. “I’m sure you’ll be only too happy to show me.”

Clara Riesenbeck disarmed him like no woman before her.

She ran her hand across a support beam made of a new compound. “It looks soft.” She stroked the slightly yielding surface. “But it’s actually quite hard.” She tossed an arch look over her shoulder at him.

“Yes, it’s vulcanized rubber. It starts out soft and pliant but gets harder under heat and… pressure.”

Her lips curled at the corners despite her obvious efforts to school them into a disapproving frown.

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An interview with Tina Christopher

How long have you been writing erotic romance, and what inspired you to get into this genre?

I published my first erotic romance, Tangled Shadows, in 2011. I had two reasons for choosing this genre: first, I love erotic romance. Kick-ass heroines, super-hot guys (in any number you can imagine), emotional and unforgettable stories and a HEA? What more could you want? And secondly, when I began writing Booke, Galen and Nikolai’s story they decided the heat level needed to be scorching. Nothing else would work.

What gave you the idea for your latest book?

From Prussia With Love is the first book in my Victoria’s Secret Agents series (think of it as a steampunk James Bond story). It is linked to Dirigibles Are Forever, which is the Christmas story that first pulled me into this alternative London. At the end of Dirigibles I had a couple of loose ends that just wouldn’t let go. They nagged at me and I went off to ask my favorite question: What if? What if the agent in charge is sidetracked by an intriguing first mate, who may or may not be part of the opposing side? What if she has to make a split second decision after knowing him for only a couple of days? And what if he’s not who she thought him to be? From Prussia With Love was born.

Who are some of your favorite erotic romance writers or other literary inspirations?

How much time and space have we got? Lol! A few of my auto-buys for erotic romance are Lexi Blake, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Sylvia Day. My other literary inspirations include J.D. Robb, Nalini Singh, Tamora Pierce and Lauren Dane. I pretty much read across most genres and also love middle grade and teen fiction. If the cover grabs me and the blurb pulls me in I’ll add the book to my teetering TBR pile.

Describe your typical writing routine. Where do you usually write? How many words/pages per day? Do you keep set hours? What does your workspace look like?

I don’t really have a routine as I can write anywhere, be it the subway, a coffee shop, at my desk or on my sofa. Up until a week ago my workspace was in my second bedroom and included a big window, my desk, a massive nature poster above said desk and my laptop, but I’m in the middle of moving into my very first condo, so right now I have no clue what my new workspace will look like. Or if I’ll even have the room for one!

Do you have any favorite foods or beverages that help keep your creativity flowing?

The one must for me is a cup of tea. Any tea. I need a hot drink to start my brain.

Do you have any writing superstitions or rituals when starting (or ending) a new book?

Hm, intriguing question… not really. Most of the time my ritual at the end of the book involves me faceplanting onto the sofa or the bed and groaning in delight because I’ll now have one or two days where I can actually sleep.

What do you think makes for a good erotic romance?

Emotion and pacing. A great erotic romance will grab you by the throat and keep you glued to the page. Sex is a huge part of the story, is the driving force in the plot and the romantic relationship, but if it’s just insert tab A into slot B, I start to skim across the words. The emotional story of the heroine and the hero, the way the author builds the connection between the two (or however many partners you have in the romance), is essential to keep me engaged. And if the pacing is off and I find my thoughts wandering or a flip across, I’ll put the book down.

What’s your favorite euphemism for genitalia?

I’m pretty straightforward and prefer to call a cock a cock. I mostly use cock and dick. As I write Victorian steampunk I use quim for female genitalia, in combination with pussy and cunt. The choice of word depends on who is speaking and on their emotional state.

What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked by a fan? And what was your response?

At Romancing the Capital this year I started chatting with a lovely reader. We talked about anything and everything and somehow ended up on Autism and Asperger Syndrome and the issues she had with finding books that did a good job of portraying this condition. She asked me if I had any recommendations. Luckily I did. The Curious Incident With the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon and The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd both have main characters who deal with this condition and are just incredible reads. I was also able to share with her that one of my literary inspirations, Michelle Sagara, has a son with Asperger Syndrome and has written about her experiences on her blog. This was definitely the most unexpected question.

If you were in charge of adapting a scorching summer romance for the big screen, what book would you like to see made into a movie, and who would you pick to star as the male and female leads?

Ohhhh, tough question!

I think I’d have to go for one of my all-time favorite books, Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh. I love the world she has created filled with shapeshifters, Psy and humans. It would be incredible to see it come to life.

As for casting, I’ve been wracking my brain to find someone who matches my mental image of Hawke Snow, but no one comes close. I have a few actors who would have to be merged together:

    • Chris Hemsworth – have you seen him with his shirt off? He has an amazing body and Hawke is described as muscular and lethal.
    • Chris Pine – he has the most amazing eyes and Hawke has pale blue eyes.
    • Daniel Craig – he has that rough edge I imagine Hawke having.

Sienna Lauren is Hawke’s mate. Same as for Hawke, I have a very particular image in my mind for Sienna and no actress I can think of comes close, so once again it would have to be a mixture:

    • Christina Hendricks – Sienna has the most amazing red hair and is curvy. Christina comes close, but she lacks the edge I imagine Sienna having and she’s a little bit too old. In my mind Sienna is younger.
    • Karen Gillian – she comes a little closer, but she’s lacking the curves and once again, Sienna carries this darkness Karen lacks a little bit.
    • Chloe Grace Moretz – if she puts on a few pounds, dyes her hair red and uses some of the skills she’d learned for Kick Ass, she would be a possibility.

About the Author

AuthorPhoto_FromPrussiaWithLoveTina Christopher spent her early years flitting across the Channel between Germany and England. After touring the world extensively—from hanging out with elephants in South Africa to hiking through the wilderness in Alaska—she finally laid down roots in Toronto. Although Canada’s winters may be frigid, Tina’s characters are anything but!

Like most writers, Tina often hears voices in her head, but it took the encouragement of an editor friend to have her actually put fingers to keyboard. While those first stories will never see the light of day, she’s subsequently honed her craft and learned to build not just worlds, but entire galaxies. History has always been an area of interest for her, and she’s enjoys few things more than imagining what could happen when history and future meet.

When not imagining far-away worlds and scorching-hot encounters, Tina can be found on her sofa working through her never-ending TBR pile or venturing into the real world—whether to a nearby café or a passport-required destination. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America Toronto chapter and looks forward to where her characters take her next!

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