Stunt Writing Day 1: Here’s how this works…

Just like on TV, with their 10-second delay to prevent any cuss words from transmitting over the airwaves and infecting the minds of impressionable viewers, my blog’s got a bit of lag time.

One day, to be precise.

So yesterday I wrote about my plan to get myself out of the house and moving my lazy butt in a daily 30-minute walking gambit. Today I took my first 30-minute walk. Go me!

I did this, despite the fog and peculiar scene of water falling from the sky.

This is sunny SoCal, after all. People here just do not get rain. (Particularly since we’ve been in a drought for the past 4 years.)

Anywhoozle, though I did not actually get up an hour earlier to complete my mission, I did succeed in walking for 30 minutes.

And now I am writing for another 30 minutes, to complete my stunt.

So here’s a laundry list of things that I saw on my walk today:

  • Water falling from the sky (spoiler: it was wet)
  • Various handymen and workers around my apartment complex, struggling to look busy
  • A mom (babysitter?) instructing a kid to say hi to me as I walked past. The kid said no, he doesn’t talk to strangers. (Smart kid!)
  • A variety of pretty flowers (I would’ve snapped some pix, but didn’t want to get my camera/phone wet)
  • A woman walking into the post office who stopped to double-check her skirt, thinking it was bunched up in the back (it wasn’t)
  • Lots of people checking their P.O. boxes, including a woman who was short enough that she had to jump up and down to see if there was anything else stuck in the back of the box (there wasn’t)
  • A few neighbors walking their dogs and discussing the unusual weather we’re having (aforementioned water falling from the sky)
  • One very suspicious-looking gray car circling around the complex (which I think I scared off by pulling out my phone and pretending to call the cops; I will actually call the police if I see it again tomorrow, since there are lots of creepers around here that are up to no good)

I now feel like one of Jane Jacobs’ sidewalk patrollers.

In fact, let me write a haiku about that for today’s stunt.

sidewalk patrol

step lively, keep watch.
rain falls, gray cars pass, phone out,
salute, stranger flees.

That’ll do.

In conclusion, here are a few images of San Diegans trying to cope with rain by transforming those showers into artistic photography:

"Seems it never rains in southern California" image by Flickr user peasap

Seems it never rains in southern California” image by Flickr user peasap

"Sailors practice security maneuvers in the rain" image by Flickr user Official U.S. Navy Page

Sailors practice security maneuvers in the rain” image by Flickr user Official U.S. Navy Page

"The Elusive San Diego Rain Puddle Reflection" image by Flickr user Patrick Merritt

The Elusive San Diego Rain Puddle Reflection” image by Flickr user Patrick Merritt

"River Rainclouds" image by Flickr user M. Dolly

River Rainclouds” image by Flickr user M. Dolly

Check back tomorrow, same time, for more daily haiku, walk observations, and pix!

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  1. Ann says:

    I felt like I was right there with you on your walk, Laura — and I love your photos!