#HumpDayReviews: Time Traveling Hookers by S.E. Burr

Last week I brought you an excerpt from Time Traveling Hookers, a SF romance novella by S.E. Burr. This week I’ve got a review for you!


MediaKit_BookCover_TimeTravelingHookersThree modern day roommates and recent college grads take a time machine back to the Wild West. The time machine breaks, stranding them in the past where they are forced to join a brothel to survive.

With the help of future technology, they’re able to trick their customers into thinking they’re getting what they pay for, without actually having to do the deed.

But the scam involves getting much more up close and personal with smelly, 19th century hicks than germaphobe and prude Anastasia is comfortable with.

One customer seems sweeter, more attractive, and better groomed than the rest. Could she actually fall for a cowboy from the dirty, disgusting past?

My Thoughts

If you’ve ever read anything remotely resembling sci-fi, you’ve certainly encountered that most wished-for device: the time machine. And the Time Traveling Hookers – who, SPOILER ALERT, aren’t really hookers – have also found themselves one of these devices. Sweet!

Unfortunately for Anastasia, our heroine, the TTHs have decided to go back in time rather than opting to explore the future. They find themselves stuck in the Wild West, with no food, no clean water, grimy, grubby, and faced with a bunch of lawless, horny cowboys that want to non-consensually sex them up. OH NO!

Luckily for these three time-traveling babes, their time machine comes equipped with some top secret devices that can help them seduce the drunken and easily fooled menfolk into thinking they’ve had sex with them. Which makes me wonder how many current day readers are now wishing for the exact same thing – along with a time machine of their own…?

This novella is a fun and funny romp through the Wild West, blending modern-day gender roles with the gritty realities of the 19th century American West. Though the girls attempt to pass themselves off as French, due to their unusual modern speech (and with a funny nod to the stereotype of French women as sex bombs), no one really buys their ruse. Even so, Madame Etta takes them into her whorehouse without much fuss, giving them a comfortable place to stay so long as they do their work.

Though Anastasia’s fellow time-travelers, Mare and Beth, are a lot less prudish than our heroine, they still feel the weight of sexual double standards. Beth accuses Anastasia of giving away freebies, while she and Mare have been working hard at seducing grotesque frontiersmen (who are all missing teeth, smell awful, and eager to paw the merchandise), which – although great for Madame Etta’s business – makes them look like they’re actually prostitutes. Since they’re not actually performing sexual acts in their rooms, however, they’re understandably peeved that their homegirl isn’t pulling her weight serving more men per night. Though it’s not technically Anastasia’s fault, having chosen the most well-groomed man in the room (and the only one who seems to have all of his teeth, too!), modern readers can certainly sympathize with the thought of being mistaken for a whore. No wonder most of the women in town have listed their profession as “seamstress,” on the latest census!

So how do the girls get out of this mess? Will they ever return to present-day civilization with its plentiful running water, feminism, and upward mobility for enterprising women? I can’t spoil the ending for you, so you’ll just have to read it yourself (for just 99¢ at Amazon, for a limited time) to find out. In the meantime, let’s just say that I’d happily avoid the Wild West if I were ever presented with a time machine. But maybe the courts of Louis XIV would be a fun romp instead?

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