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My husband and I have finally found a place to live in our new hometown of San Diego! Sadly, this is not the view from our window, though we are keeping that dream alive for future moves:

"San Diego Waterfront" (photo by Flickr user Justin Brown)

San Diego Waterfront” (photo by Flickr user Justin Brown)

We have been running around town doing all the boring-but-necessary errands required when you move across the country to a brand new city, like hooking up our gas and electricity, finding an internet service provider, checking out all the grocery stores for deals on our go-to menu items, and moving our stuff out of the storage unit that now seems ridiculously far away.

Fun times, but I can’t complain, because it’s California, baby! We are finally out of Tex-ass, that barren wasteland of civilization and culture, and we’re ready to start fresh, meet new people, engage with our community, and generally live the life we’ve been wanting ever since we moved to Austin with the mistaken notion that it was an oasis within the state of such backward thinkers as George Bush — 1 and 2 — and Rick “Governor Goodhair” Perry.

Glad to be rid of ya, Texas. For the record: I pissed on the state on our way out. This was partially due to its lack of signage regarding rest areas, but I like to think of it as payback. I look forward to never having to enter the state again. Seeing the “Welcome to New Mexico” sign was the happiest moment of my life. At least until we hit the “Welcome to California” sign!

So, San Diegans, what’s awesome in this city? I’d love to get your thoughts and recommendations.