Montréal from A to Z: YUL

Y is for YUL.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

No, not Yul Brynner! YUL is the Montreal airport code. For some reason, all airports in Canada have codes that start with Y. Why? Don’t ask me!

The official name of the Montreal airport is Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Interestingly, the airport is named after the former Prime Minister of Canada that most Quebeckers appear to loathe the most, thanks to some of his policies and actions toward the province. But that is another story for another day.

The airport was originally named Montreal-Dorval International Airport, as it’s located in Dorval in the West Island. To get downtown from the airport, you’ve got three options:

  • Taxi – most expensive, but fastest way to go
  • Private bus (L’Aerobus) – less expensive than taxis, more relaxing, and sometimes the driver will either sing or toss out facts about the city as you go
  • STM (Montreal city bus) – the most annoying way to get to the airport, since it’s slow and requires changing buses, but definitely the cheapest; not recommended unless you are familiar with the Montreal transit system, since changing buses at Dorval Circle can be confusing

A rail shuttle that would only take 20 minutes is also supposedly in the works.


Question of the day: What’s your favorite airport – or is this an contradiction in terms?


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  1. I love Montreal. I think it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. I hope to go back one day.