X is for X-rated theater, so needless to say, today’s post is also rated XXX!

Montreal is known for its sexy side, so much so that it’s been nicknamed the Sin City of the North. In keeping with this moniker, it’s also home to the largest XXX screen in North America: Cinema L’Amour.

"Cinema L'amour and a strawberry milkshake" (photo by Flickr user Francis Mariani)

Cinema L’amour and a strawberry milkshake” (photo by Flickr user Francis Mariani)

Cinema L’Amour originally began as Le Globe, a Yiddish film theatre, in 1914. It was renamed The Hollywood in 1932, and again in 1969 to The PussyCat, when it began its X-rated tradition. In 1981 it was once again renamed Cinema L’Amour, and shows adult films exclusively in its original 1914-style theater.

Confession time: I will be honest and admit that I never had the guts to visit Cinema L’Amour for research purposes. However, two lovely ladies named Jessica Klein and Stephanie Laughlin braved Couples Night (every Monday and Tuesday) to provide their own commentary over at Forget the Box, which you should definitely read if you’re curious to know what goes on in a real, live porno theater. Part one, “An Adventure Into the Cinema of L’Amour,” was written by Stephanie, while part two, “The Morning After,” is from Jessica’s perspective. And boy, do things ever heat up in part two!

The concept of an adult film theater is strange to me, particularly in this age of fast and free Internet porn, where one need only specify the particulars that yank your crank in order to cum on demand. But for those who enjoy a “high-definition, surround-sound” event, I suppose this is the best place to be – outside of Montreal’s infamous swingers’ clubs and saunas, that is. Media producer Julia Alsop also discusses this idea of porn in the Internet age on her blog, bringing an interesting perspective as someone who used to work as a cashier at the theater.

Here is a great short documentary on the theater, which is actually not X-rated, in case you are curious about what kinds of people frequent and help run such an establishment:


Question of the day: If you were to choose a movie or TV show to spoof in an X-rated version, what would it be?


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