Trust Calvin to come up with a new angle on writer’s block…

As a fellow writer friend of mine likes to say, there’s no such thing as writer’s block. Why? Because real writers have deadlines.

That may be oversimplifying the matter a bit, especially for the creative types who feel they need the right place and time — not to mention subject matter — to inspire their latest opus, but I still think he has a point. Whether you’re a full-time writer or a hobbyist, the real difference between the amateurs and the pros is that professional writers do have deadlines. Sometimes they are given out by editors, with threats and swearing, and sometimes you just have to make them up yourself.

The rest of the world usually calls these things “goals.”

Anyway, I sometimes ponder these cliché writing tips and chestnuts, mining for that ol’ nugget o’ truth. Another writer friend insists that writer’s block is real. “It’s conveniently located on my desk, so I can bang my head against it,” he says.

What do you think? Is writer’s block real, imaginary, a way writers like to torture themselves (and others), or something else entirely?