Haiku A Day #1 — Rocktober!

Breakfast of champions: guitar bento (photo by Flickr user Sakurako Kitsa)

Breakfast of champions: guitar bento (photo by Flickr user Sakurako Kitsa)

I forgot to mention yesterday that it’s now ROCKTOBER! (the exclamation point is actually mandatory), so my first real haiku a day is inspired by this concept. And what is the concept of Rocktober!, you may be asking? According to the Rocktober! blog,

“Rocktober comes from you. It is about you not being a square from Delaware, wearing clean underwear and throwing your hands in the air as if you had not a care in the world. It is about being caught up in a mosh. It is about passing the dutchie–on the left hand or right hand side, it doesn’t really matter. It’s about getting the band back together for just one more show. It’s about practicing your scratching technique for hours on end and then making it look simple during a show.”

Although this may sound like a made-up month-long “holiday,” it is deeply supported by my friend Sara Ritchie, and is therefore awesome. Rocktober! is about spontaneous dance parties, great music, and turning it up to 11 all month long.

In any event, I have written my first haiku to bring attention to this sorely needed and currently underappreciated movement:

“Rocktober!” she shouts
Inspired musically
Strumming guitar licks

My husband hates Rocktober!, but I think he’s just jealous that he didn’t think of it himself.

2 Responses
  1. Chris Masson says:

    deep rock out session
    my neighbour, how does he sleep?
    rocktober thunders

  2. I love haiku responses. Rock on over Montreal!